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The Alumni of any Institution that imparts educational, academic or instructional training is a vital link in the growth and well-being of the Institution. It is all the more significant when it involves the youth. We at Phoenix have laid stress to this belief and have fostered a strong Alumni base from the early days of our inception.

We are proud to say that the Phoenix Alumni has been instrumental in bringing together the extended founding principles of Phoenix that underlines the importance of camaraderie, relationship, support and mutually beneficial community activities. The Phoenixian, as the Alumnus refer themselves by, is considered to be the strong arm of its Alma mater, Phoenix.

Our intention is to further consolidate our footprint through Alumni data upgradation, posting of e-portfolios and the launch of an Alumni online newsletter; which had hitherto existed in the Phoenix in-house Tabloids and Magazines.

We appeal to all the Phoenixians to update their data and to help partake in all that sets us apart.

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