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Alumni Speak
Pragyan Mohanty
Mass Comm, 2003-2004
Assistant Features Editor
MiD DAY Multimedia Ltd,New Delhi

From being outside the media industry, to being an insider (if I may say so), the credit goes to Phoenix as this is where it all originated. With its commitment towards quality and excellence, Phoenix truly sets standards for others to emulate.
Vijayendra Mohanty
Mass Comm 2003-2004
Freelance Blogger,Scriptwriter and Web Content Developer
New Delhi (Formerly at Rediff, Mumbai)

Phoenix is many things to many people. For me, it has been a fountain of courage. I came here for guidance but was shown that the path to my goal was known to me already. Phoenix gave me the courage to walk it. The year I spent here has a special place in my heart. Always will.
Manoranjan Mishra
MBA, 2006-2007
Relationship Officer
Franklin Templeton, Bangalore
Pursuing MBA degree at The Management and Entrepreneurial Development Academy, Bangalore

Phoenix guided me to look to the future in a different way. Today what I am, it is because of Phoenix.
Arunima Mishra
Mass Comm, 2005-2006
Financial Express, New Delhi
Features Writer

Phoenix - When I joined the place I thought - Will it be the place where I can be reborn from the ashes - as goes the Phoenix image….Yes..It did..To a certain point I did open-up to do what I wanted to. One thing that Phoenix has given me is the bond with our seniors and my ultimate friends…I must say true journos… :)…great going…I wish it helps the budding journos of our Orissa to make a stance with others….. Thank you Phoenix!
Sohag Sundar Nanda
MBA 2005-2006
Department: School of Computer Applications
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

My dear Phoenixian brothers and sisters. At the outset I would like to congratulate you for making a wise decision - the decision to join Phoenix. This is the one decision that helped me in reaching the position in which I am today. Sir’s dynamic personality has left an indelible impression on me. He has successfully integrated the concept of ‘one for all and all for one’ in the environment of Phoenix. And it is this bond that puts Phoenix in a different league altogether.

Sir’s unparalled and diverse experience has played a key role in my success. In fact, the main reason of my selection as a United Nations fellow was the impressive portfolio designed by Sir.
I wish you the very best in your future endeavours.
Sattwik Sovan Biswal
Mass Comm,2004-2005
Sub Editor, Sports
The New Indian Express, Chennai

What I am now and going to be, will be for Phoenix. I took a small step, but came out with a “giant leap”. I wish all the success for Phoenix and its Alumni a great future.
Rajdeep Patnaik
Mass Comm, 2004-2005
Editor, Chennai

I was made here and for the remainder of my life Phoenix’s values are what will make me.
Ashis Mohanty
MBA, 2005-2006
Business Development Manager,
Vie Trans Pvt.Ltd, Chennai

Phoenix to me is beyond words! If anyone asks me I would say, “It is a path not only towards the definition of ife but also for your career; a place where you can learn, make others learn, and bring in a defining result in the run-up to living ones life.
Saswat Panigrahi
Mass Comm, 2002-2003
Senior Sub Editor
Pioneer, New Delhi

PHOENIX is a ray of light that guides an idea, which takes the shape of a dream, the dream transformed into a passion and the passion ultimately converted to a profession. It’s a guiding force to arise and awake the youth power. By empowering the human capital, the concept contributes towards the growth of an individual and the society.

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