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The mushrooming and proliferation of the numerous Institutes of higher learning has made the student-learner apprehensive of their quality, recognition and commitment. Ask any student who aspires to gain a technical/professional degree if he is not nervous in the run-up to the selection of the right Institution; he in his own humility will certainly tend to agree!

There are many causes that highlight this predicament in India. Some of the glaring causes are:

  • The multiplicity of Contolling authorities like the central HRD Ministry, the State Educational Departments, the Universities, the AICTE etc.

  • There are many stake holders like the Govt., Public Sector, the Private Sector, Self-Employed, Enrepreneur, Family Business etc., each with their own selection and promotional criteria that affects the skill acquisition process.
  • Introduction of new emerging specialisations every year, more for business, rather than for creating a new talent pool.
  • The widening devide between a curriculum that should cater to the needs of the Industry and the reality on the ground.
  • The startling factuality is of India having a few indeed good MBA/MASSCOM Institutes with limited number of seats for which a huge number of prospective applicants apply. No wonder! The entrance tests like the CAT for entry into the IIMs, or the IIT JEE for entry into the IITs are amongst the toughest in the world.
  • Keeping in view the above scenario, the toughest only survive while the unfortunate but yet talented are condemned to settle for the mediocre institutes of learning.

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