To create a platform of excellence where one can realize ones full potential with the empowered inputs through the holistic philosophy of counselling, mentoring, facilitating and research is the ideal behind Phoenix - with uncompromising principles of quality, selfless service and the desire for success. It is in PHOENIX that your ideas can be smoothly translated into reality.

“Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come”, uttered Victor Hugo nearly a century ago. In the winter of 1995, this came true in the case of the birth of this organization. The Chief Mentor, Cdr. Debi Padhi driven by his idea, imagination and more importantly conviction, in fate and his own abilities, was driven not only to support and empower the Human Capital of this country, but also to find their place under the sun, and to coalesce a group of young minds by a rare combination of rationality as well as creativity.

The name chosen was PHOENIX, after the proverbial bird, ever pure and chaste, that rose from the ashes, in utter defiance of the Gods. The name chosen was symbolic of the youths who will resurface and cascade into a movement.

The logo designed was in consonance with the soaring mythical bird silhouetted against a pristine world.

The empowerment includes processes of:

  • Counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Research

Our earlier tagline was:

We have come a long way since that date. In a time span of more than a decade, we have learnt a lot and grown with a renewed belief and vigour. We have now realigned our activities, woven around the same belief and core competency. With our experience, sincerity of purpose, and our alumni and clients to back us up, we declare our new tagline as:

We welcome you to the world of PHOENIX and call for an uninterrupted surfing of our website. We invite you to avail of our unique and qualitative services for your benefit.

Please feel free to exchange your ideas and communicate with us.

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