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In today’s hyper - active life and orientations, information has a trump card like role to command and the hand that deals this card is the MEDIA, whose clout has become all – encompassing. There is an ever growing need for professionals in this field, both in quantity and quality. While the former is being churned out by many, the latter is far behind according to industry standards. There exists a gap between the learning process and the applied requirements at the industry end.

Phoenix with its unique positioning, has had a distinguished and close proximity to the Media for the last thirteen years; in real terms of teaching, field experience and as a graded feeder to its content growth, both in terms of personnel and substance. Phoenix has a repository of an exceptional archival data base and an enviable Alumni network that spreads across all the forms of Media and its users/mediators/administrators. Phoenix has the know-how and expertise to conduct Curricular Classes/Workshops/Seminars and design Projects for various prospective Media houses and Media Institutes with a vision that will cater to the industry needs, combining a holistic end - to - end training concept to meet industry standards.

Endowed with a focussed perspective to deliver, we invite collaboratons in the fields of Media Training and Upgradation from interested Madia Institutes and Media Houses aimed at greater synergy of content and productivity.

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