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The days have long gone when an honours degree from a good university could guarantee you the job you want. In the interregnum, the world has changed and with it a varied country like India has raced ahead to emerge as a front runner in this gallop to win the economic race. Regrettably, while we as a progressive and modern nation may have rediscovered our equitable and rightful position in the commity of the world’s nations, we can not ignore or overlook the looming devide that befalls us in the form of an ever expanding chasm between our expectations and the ground realities. Nowhere is it better exemplified than in the yawning gap between our youth being impressively qualified on paper but yet remaining unemployed - unwanted by the industry and branded as unemployable! Humiliating indeed!

We quote statistics at the drop of a hat - the second largest educational hub of the world, the second largest economic growth rate, one of the largest repository of technically qualified intellectual base and some even talk of overtaking the econmy of USA in the foreseable future if the going gets good! However, we miss the short sight and it needs no maths to see some pertinent anomalies :

  • While the demand for qualified personnel and consequent jobs available is on the rise, the number of employable pool is on the decline.
  • While the country’s economy is booming, the majority are outside the gambit of getting a share of the pie.
  • While the number of Universities, Techical Institutions are on the rise, the pool of qualified graduates unable to get a suitable job is on the rise.

The answer lies in the fact that additional inputs are required by our graduates beyond their academic curricula to be eligible for employment - the SKILLSETS that must be acquired to make us scale-up from being mere learners to employees.

It is high time we addressed this serious concern; which has been voiced loud and clear by the various stake holders : the Govt, the Industry, the Academia, the various controlling/advisory authorities like the UGC, AICTE, NASSCOM, the National Knowledge Commission etc.; lest we become a nation of bloated paper tigers!

This is where we come in with our long standing and holistic end-to-end expertise in helping graduates/non-skill personnel to scale up from mere certificate holders to rearing-to-go potential employees.

We have structured our know-how to offer the following skill development programmes:
  • Self Branding And Placement Training
  • Technical Writing

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